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God Im so pissed, I was like making my best work ever, and then suddenly I get some gay ass message that said flash stops working, Just had to put this out there, because Im mad as hell right now

Yeah uh, thats it, does this look smooth or choppy, and what should i improve?Check it!

New stuff and practice

2011-05-09 22:09:10 by Supman914

Hi thar, Imma show my friend this pic I made of a building, its not really comeplete but the thing i like about it is the windows because you can realistically see through them or whatever.

New stuff and practice

fuck you santa

But who cares about that watch this or something

Working to be the art master.

2010-05-04 17:19:56 by Supman914

Warning, boring ass life goals here, you most likely wont give a fuck.

I finally found a place to start as a flash artist. I havent touched professional 8 for almost a month now because I am working to get good at my art and stuff. I believe I have improved but I dont have a camera good enough to get a clear quality image of it, (Ive been using paper and pencil) but I think its decent. Ive also been strived on a goal to get 10/10 on all my drawings for art class. It dosent work all the time, I got one 10 2 weeks ago and a 9.5 last week. I can draw the human body quite good now that I got a few lessons and studied atomaty more.

God these walk cycles are extremely difficult, mabye even impossible but how can you make a shoulder + an arm on the left arm, the red one, or should I have his arm stick out of the body? Help please

How could you possibly make a human like sketch on this?

please help me with the head

2010-02-22 17:08:58 by Supman914

here is my latest complete shit drawing of my main characters head for this flash Im making, Im gonna get up and work on him some more tomorrow, and probably end up deletin the whole thing and starting over.this is my form page for the head

please help me with the head

Shall I quit or keep going

2010-01-31 17:04:04 by Supman914

Well it seems to occur to me that im inhumanly incapable of making a walk cycle. No matter what I do I just cant do it. Now im sure im going to get some comment saying oh suck it up you babyface jackass pansy get off your ass and do something. To that response I have but really Ive been trying to make a walk cycle.. well since summer vacation in august and well I just cant. Shall I throw flash out the window and seek another form of creativity or shall I keep trying. If I throw flash out the window I could be risking in animation job for when I grow up. (I will probaly always be a shit animator but you never know)
Or shall I continue to create shit and magically and accidently get good?

The main reason why I want to quit is because If I cant make a walk cycle by now then I just wasnt born with any art talent whatsoever I mean its been about 5 months and still I cannot do it
I am not asking for sympathy I am asking for general advice

Death metal is fucking awasome

2010-01-17 02:27:48 by Supman914

I just thought I would speak my deliciously beautiful mind